Fall Festival

Sorry, registration has ended.

Registration Deadline: Friday, Oct. 4, 2019; Fee: $15.00 per student Purpose: To provide students with public performance experience.

  • Date: 10/26/2019 12:00 AM
  • Location: Northwoods Presbyterian Church 3320 Cypress Creek Parkway Houston, TX 77068 (Map)
  • More Info: Phone: 281-444-8861


Students must be studying with a NWHMTA teacher at the time of the event.  

Student Affiliate membership is required.  

Theory test is not required.

  No XEROX COPIES are to be given to the judge.  


Students MUST have their music with them.  

Events and Fees:
CC = Critic’s Corner:  Fee: $15.00 per student.  
Format: Students are scheduled in small groups to perform  2 solos .  

The performances are critiqued by a Judge

 Memorization of two pieces is required.
The Judge must have original music at the time of the performance .  

Proper Attire:
No flip flops, blue jeans, shorts, or tee shirts are acceptable.

Festival Rating Guide:

Superior Plus - Gold & a trophy  
Well prepared, polished performance – with outstanding musical expression.

Superior - Blue  
Well prepared, polished performance – not only the notes, rhythm are correct, memory secure, but, with musical expression that reflects the style and characteristics of the music.  Please make allowance for minor mistakes as well as memory slip that does not interfere with the flow of the performance.

Excellent - Purple
A well prepared performance with mistakes that slightly disrupt the flow of the music; but with satisfying result. Also, a performance however note perfect but lacks the musical expression.

Commendable - Red
The student is able to play through the pieces; though with apparent struggle whether it is notes, rhythm or memory.

Good - Green
It is apparent that the student is not ready to play/perform the pieces in public.

No rating  
For student who choose to play only one piece, to play with music not memorized, or does not have original music.